LivingWells Concierge has arrived.

For years, I have been asked about my tips for planning visits to any number of destinations. Where to stay? What to do? What must absolutely not be missed? And it Is with those questions in mind that I decided to create a vehicle for answering all of those queries and so many more.

Today, I am excited to announce the official launch of LivingWells Concierge, a professional full-service travel resource designed to provide bespoke travel itineraries, produce intimate life moments and deliver in depth travel consultation for discerning clients.

As a Luxury Lifestyle Curator and Travel Expert for the past two decades, I have traveled the globe sharing my experiences from every corner on various platforms and in numerous publications. From dreamy days on the beaches of Turks and Caicos to skydiving in Costa Brava to braving the nightlife of Ibiza to chateau hopping in the Loire Valley and beyond, my goal has always been to take my readers and followers on the journey with me – to give them a peek into the world I have defined under the sobriquet, LivingWells.

Now with the debut of LivingWells Concierge, I am not only afforded the opportunity of giving my readers and followers a mere peek into the world of LivingWells, but also of personally crafting experiences for their real-time enjoyment based upon my own world view. To achieve this I have partnered with a team of leading travel professionals whose expertise is unparalleled and whose access to some of the most exclusive opportunities on the planet is unmatched.

The reach of my colleagues, in tandem with my own contacts built up over the years, combined with local resources I have cultivated in some of my favorite destinations around the world, will come together to ensure that every LivingWells Concierge itinerary takes clients to the kind of uniquely luxurious, undeniably memorable places that they would not be likely to have discovered on their own. More importantly, as I have always felt that living like a local (albeit an upscale one) is, more often than not, the best way to experience a destination, every itinerary prepared by LivingWells Concierge, will include stops at off the beaten path hotspots popular with the locals of that particular destination.


Imagine a romantic wine country getaway here. — Glass House, Sonoma County (Photo: Beautiful Places)

A stay at an elegantly rustic farmhouse in Rousillon or a Chateau in Lacoste? Days of wine-tasting and decadent pampering in Sonoma? A week of la dolce vita with friends at a stunning villa in Ticino? A celebration of one of life’s hallmark moments in the lush environs of Kauai?  A splashy theatre weekend in London followed by a romantic getaway in the Cotswolds? You dream it and we’ll do our best to realize it because I believe an escape should begin not when you board a plane, but from the very moment your mind conceives it. Just give us the dates and we’ll take if from there, preparing various options for your consideration and throwing in a few well thought out surprises for good measure.

Whatever the occasion, LivingWells Concierge will handle all the arrangements from the basics like flights, hotels, airport transfers, restaurant reservations, and theatre tickets to the more exotic including specialized tours, exclusive shopping excursions and VIP access to select events and nightlife offerings. Best of all, each itinerary will be personally curated by me and my team in coordination with the client so as to put a placeholder on the magic of your escape before you even begin to pack your bags. It’s five-star travel without an iota of hassle. Now if that is not the dream personified, I don’t know what is.


For more information about LivingWells Concierge or to inquire about planning an itinerary, email concierge@theduanewells.com.