The adventure begins at Barajas Airport in Madrid

Duane Wells and Davey Wavey on a road trip across Spain together for 10 days?  That just sounds crazy right? And yet it happened.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to describe Davey and I as the modern incarnation of the odd couple.

Take for example the fact I am an unabashed clotheshorse who lives to get dressed.  The more layers I can wear the better. Even in summer I find it difficult to walk out of the house without a scarf. Davey on the other hand is quite happy to wear a tank top and baseball cap year-round. He doesn’t even like sleeves in winter, which is an absolute mystery to me.

I like luxury hotels and haute cuisine. Davey likes to camp and the taste of foie gras is absolutely abhorrent to him.

I like to stay up all night and party until the small hours. Davey likes to be in bed by 10 so he can be up by 6 for his morning work out.

I could go on and on here, but you get the gist — Davey Wavey and I are very different people. And yet, despite our differences, we’re great friends.  So we thought it would be fun to take “our show” on the road  in Spain for 10 days.

I planned surprises for Davey as this was his first trip to Spain and he planned surprises for me.  The video below, traces the good and the bad, along with the highs and lows of our journey from the Costa del Sol and Granada  to Valencia, Costa Brava and Barcelona. It’s not always pretty, and, for the record, I would like to acknowledge that the lighting was doing me no favors, but it’s always fun:

Be sure to like the video (that is, of course, if you do) and if you want more detailed information on each of the places we visited on our road trip, go to: www.theduanewells.com/out-on-the-road-spain.

For more information about Spain, go to: www.spain.info.

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