Tension Fit Trainer Outdoors

We all know how important fitness is to maintaining a healthy body and mind, but let’s face it, there are times when we all get stuck. Whether it’s that we have plateaued, or that we simply don’t know where to begin, workouts (or even the mere thought of them) can work up a lot of resentment. Recently I became aware of a whole new kind workout routine and to call it unique would be an understatement. Tension Fit Trainer (also known as TFT) allows its users to basically drop whatever it is they are doing, anywhere at any time and start working out. Curious to learn more about this fitness revolution, I sat down for a chat with fitness guru and inventor of TFT Dr. Tremaine Young (or Dr. Tre for short).

Dr. Tre, a professional engineer and licensed primary care physician created TFT with the goal of eliminating heavy duty workout equipment all together. “TFT is a 100% portable device that can be used anywhere; void of additional separate attachments,” Dr. Tre explained. “One of the major benefits of TFT is that it follows the strength curve of each muscle. As the users muscles get stronger during an eccentric to concentric contraction, TFT proportionally gets stronger throughout the entire range of motion. In using TFT you can change exercises seamlessly on the fly without needing to change weights or remove or add connecting accessories. Regardless [of whether] you are focusing on training chest, biceps, legs, back etc., when using TFT the users abdominal muscles will be engaged simultaneously. [So] …Say goodbye to doing regular abdominal crunches.”

Tension Fit Trainer

Breaking the monotony of working out was one of the primary reasons Dr. Tre was inspired to develop TFT. His aim was to create a one of a kind workout system that would eliminate the bind of getting to the gym and working out the same muscle groups on a daily basis. Effectively Dr. Tre wanted to create a system that would allow users to stop, drop and workout. “I had used a multitude of products [that] claimed…[to be] …totally portable,” he says. “[But] all of those products [proved[ very limited in where and how they could be used. In the past, I also was not very fond of weight lifting due to the unsafe practices and the [destructive effect] that lifting weights [can have] on one’s joints. I desired a unit that followed the strength curve of each muscle in my body [and] the top suspension trainer and weights all failed.”

While a typical weight program usually involves a schedule of grouping two muscle groups together, TFT stands out in the way it engages the body to use different muscle groups in each exercise. Moreover, this workout regimen promises to help users preserve their joints over the long haul because it does not involve applying the same amount of pressure on the joints as typical free weight workouts tend to do.

But preserving the joints is not the only added value of TFT. Dr. Tre’s new routine promises users not only increased muscle strength, but a full body work out that can be done in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a standard workout circuit. According to Dr. Tre, there’s no need to spend hours in the gym daily to achieve the “perfect body.” In fact. Dr. Tre suggests using TFT for a scant 19 minutes per day, five to six times per week.

With that in mind, I asked Dr. Tre to recommend his top three workouts for anyone using TFT and here’s what he suggested:

“1.) TFT Run: One of the most highly effective exercises that one can do to gain great return. This exercise simulates a parachute run by having the user run against tension which causes the user to immediately run by using their abdominal muscles.
2.) TFT Squat and Lunge Jumps: Another effective exercise that eliminates loading the body down with weights…which causes postural and joint dysfunction.

3.) TFT Clap Pushes: A great way to build pectoral and abdominal strength together. TFT allows the user to transition from doing a regular push up to progressively doing TFT clap.”

Tension Fit Trainer - Dr. Tre

With such a unique and fun product that can be utilized almost anywhere I couldn’t resist asking Dr.Tre about the craziest places he has ever “TFT’d” and he had some memorable stories; “The two craziest places that I have used TFT ..[would be]… in the Delta terminal waiting area [in New York]…[and] in the heart of Times Square,” Dr. Tre responded. “You see, TFT does not need anything to attach to and can safely be used by attaching two TFT’s together,” he continued offering yet another reason to celebrate the revolution this new approach to fitness just might herald.

One workout at a time Dr.Tre is proving that health and fitness certainly does not have to be boring or mundane. Armed with a goal of educating people about TFT and simultaneously promoting health, Dr. Tre, like his product, shows no signs of slowing down.

Find out more about TFT at www.tensionfitness.com.