Arch Case by Williams Handmade

Chic is in the details and if there’s one thing that Williams Handmade Luggage, some of the most luxurious luggage on the planet, gets absolutely right, it’s the details.  Moreover, unique handcrafted pieces from Williams Handmade Luggage revisit a time when travel and style were not exclusive but were instead wholly intertwined.


Not what laptop cases are, but what they can be

Translated to meet the needs of the modern traveler, a piece of luggage produced by Sarah Williams, the award-winning designer behind the Williams Handmade brand, doesn’t merely make a fashion statement, it celebrates practicality with an artful flourish. By combining traditional skills and techniques, timeless designs, the finest English Bridle leather along with materials and fittings sourced from Britain, each piece from the Williams proudly bears the stamp ‘British Handmade’.


Williams Handmade reinvents the briefcase

Bottom line: Just because travel has become nearly devoid of glamour, you don’t have to give in to the trend. We say bring back the glam by gifting yourself or someone you love with these truly one of a kind pieces and turning your destined terminal into a runway of a different order.


An elegant bespoke picnic option