Tani Men’s Underwear

From the time I was a little boy, I recall my grandmother telling me that “A man isn’t well dressed unless he’s dressed well from head to toe.” And by ‘head to toe’ she was referring to every article of clothing on my person, whether it was seen or not seen. Failing to meet this standard led to a rebuke that, for all intents and purposes, made compliance the only option.

That being the case, it was a given not only that the primary pieces of one’s outerwear would be coordinated and immaculate, but also that one’s undershirts had to be ironed, one’s socks had to be in tip-top condition and coordinated with one’s shoes or pants and that, perhaps most important of all, that one’s underwear had to be pristine and no less in keeping with the mode than everything else in one’s ensemble. Needless to say, that training left an indelible impression on my sartorial sensibilities. So when I discovered the luxurious pleasure of Tani underwear, I found a welcome addition to my wardrobe of which I’m sure my grandmother would approve (though she no longer regularly sees me in my underwear).

In recent years, underwear for men has come a long way and the choices are plenty. In fact, between you and me, I may take a few more liberties with my underwear choices than my grandmother might approve of nowadays. That said, there’s something special about my Tani underwear that makes me feel particularly grown up.

Made from combinations of the finest natural fibersincluding Swiss cotton, Spanish Modal, Austrian Micro Modal and more, employing state-of-the-art knitting technologies to ensure that the fabrics are the softest, smoothest, sleekest available Tani underwear is quite simply elegant. There are no zany colors, outrageous patterns or hypersexual embellishments, just a clean, modern aesthetic and extremely comfortable design ideal for a man of more refined tastes in search of the perfect complement to a bespoke suit and tailored dress shirt or even a favored pair of jeans.

Best of all, Tani is not only about comfort, it’s also about performance. While my personal favorite, the SilkTouch collection is made from a super fine fabric culled from 100% Austrian beech wood that is so light it feels as though you’re hardly wearing anything at all, the Air Fitness collection combines antibacterial qualities with a special knit designed to manage moisture that makes it the ideal accoutrement for work outs, and the Luxuriance Collection takes luxe to a new level with superfine fabrics that redefine notions of what underwear can be. And did I mention that Tani underwear is perfect for traveling because the fabrics rinse easily and dry quickly? Yeah…that’s an added bonus.

If you ever thought that all underwear was created equal, Tani is proof positive that it is not. And, perhaps more importantly, in full acknowledgment that everything my grandmother taught me was indeed true, I can honestly say that while I feel great when I look great, I somehow feel more complete when I’m wearing my Tani  underneath.

Tani is currently available at Nordstrom’s. Prices range from $50 – $300.