Interior view Tres Restaurant, SLS, Beverly Hills, CA

In Los Angeles, mention the name of José Andrés and you’ll likely hear shrill, near orgasmic moans about the James Beard award-winning chef’s celebrated The Bazaar restaurant at the SLS, to which foodies, local and otherwise, make regular pilgrimages. That the Philippe Starck-designed Bazaar has reached the apex of the ever-changing list of Los Angeles hotspots and remained there is a testament to its stylish environs and most importantly, to Chef Andrés’ delectably innovative signature menu via which Spanish cuisine is approached with new vision.

That understood, it is no particular secret that The Bazaar is regularly ranked among the city’s finest dining establishments.. A better kept truth is however that Andres’ other restaurant Tres, located right next door in the guest lobby of the SLS, is an equally transformative experience for many of the same reasons.

While the dining room at The Bazaar is expansive in order to accommodate its substantial draw of sparkling Angelenos, Tres is a more intimate, but no less chic, affair — an attribute that is reflected in both the menu and design of the restaurant. Though, it may prove hard to avoid being seen at The Bazaar, at Tres, which was also designed by Monsieur Starck, the restaurant’s clubby, more relaxed setting (and two private dining rooms) lend themselves in equal measure to romantic interludes or discreet business dealings. In fact, I visited Tres on a mid-week afternoon for lunch and rather enjoyed being seated on a comfortable sofa in a private far corner of the dining room wherein my guest and I were inclined to feel that we were the only people in the entire space.

On the menu at Tres, you’ll find some familiar items like the Croquetas de Pollo and the Patatas Bravas Chips with that delectable aioli that never fails to impress at The Bazaar. You’ll also find that the menu at Tres is more comfort food-oriented and as such may feel a bit more accessible for some. But of course, it goes without saying that comfort done by José Andrés, still shows all the complexity and masterful understanding of flavor profiles that has distinguished him as one of the world’s greatest culinary minds.

Succulent Rotisserie Jidori Farm Chicken is served with Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes and Rosemary Sauce, SLS Sliders are made with Prime Beef and bathed in a trio of cheeses including Blue Stilton and the cheekily named Beverly Hills ‘Bikini’, Chef Andrés blasphemously decadent take on a grown up grilled cheese sandwich has the audacity to be comprised of a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, truffles and honey aioli. (As for the latter, I must say that while it won’t help anyone get swimsuit ready anytime soon, it is well worth the indulgence).

Tres serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. And on weekends there’s also brunch which is well known for a number of memorable menu items, not the least of which is the 12 Quail Eggs Sunny Side Up. Likewise, Afternoon Tea, is served daily at Tres from 3 – 5 PM and just as you might expect, at Tres the traditional come with a twist a la treats ranging from Smoked Salmon with Coconut Sandwiches and Guacamole Cones to Chocolate Pop Rocks and Tablets.

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