Cover, “Look the Age You Feel” by Henrik Vejlgaard

Is your age in spiritual years at odds with the one on that pesky ol’ birth certificate of yours? Well Look the Age You Feel, a new book on grooming for men by author Henrik Vejlgaard, aims to help men avoid what he calls high “age elasticity”, which is the difference between our biological age and our self-perceived age. To that end, the style expert has created a comprehensive common sense, step-by-step guide with tips about everything from the importance of moisturizing and fitness to the subtle signals that a man’s clothes and even the heel of his shoe reveal about his age.

“When a man turns 50 years old, he may feel like a 25 year-old inside. To look like a 50 year-old is then troublesome. And although there are ways of taking years off your age, some simple preventive habits will give the best results,” Vejlgaard says.

Perhaps most interestingly, the book, while useful to men of all ages, takes special pains to prepare younger men for the ravages of the onslaught of time.

“Most men in their twenties and thirties do not think about how they will look in 20 or 30 years’ time. But they should.” Writes Vejlgaard.

“When we are young we typically do not have a lot of money to invest. But then we can invest in something else that will make us happy in 20 or 30 years’ time. Our look.” It’s the kind of advice that is money in the eternal beauty bank.

Find more tips at www.lookyoungermagazine.com.