Meet Dr. Navanjun Grewal of Rockstar Beauty in Beverly Hills

What becomes a rock star most? Pert breasts? Full lips? Six-pack abs? Perfectly round perky buttocks? Or is it something far more intrinsic than all that?

On the surface, the notion of ‘rockstar beauty’ might summon up images of the overly taught, unnaturally immobile faces of some of the more notable names topping Hollywood’s A-list.  This may be particularly so if that notion is defined by a plastic surgeon with swank offices in the heart of the famed Beverly Hills Golden Triangle. However, just as beauty is only skin deep, you can’t judge a book by its proverbial glossy cover or, in the case, of Dr. Navanjun Grewal, judge a practice merely by its gleaming appearance and marquee-worthy name.

Though his office is called Rockstar Beauty, Dr. Grewal’s approach to his practice is more organic than its moniker might suggest. Rather than encouraging his patients to appropriate the dominant rock star aesthetic of the moment, Dr. Grewal inspires his clients to emulate the underlying qualities that define rock stars.

“I named my medical practice Rockstar Beauty because I want to give patients confidence in their appearance,” Dr. Grewal says flatly. “There are plenty of rockstars who are not beautiful in the conventional sense, but they are confident in themselves. And that confidence becomes its own force that declares, ‘I am beautiful’ for the entire world to hear and see. I want patients to attract attention and feel comfortable in every situation.”

It was in fact out of Dr. Grewal’s desire to give patients on the fringes of life a chance at the kind of confidence referenced above that he entered the arena of plastic surgery in the first place. “Every physician has a defining moment – a moment when they realize what career path they will follow,” he recalls.

“I had my moment in a rural Guatemalan surgical clinic as part of a medical mission.  I removed the bandages from a child who had just undergone a cleft lip repair. This was more than a dressing change. I participated in the metamorphosis of the child. A child who, through plastic surgery had gone from being the village outcast – scorned, ridiculed and excluded – to a beautiful child filled with hope. More than just aesthetics, the new confidence the surgery brought to the patient made an indelible impression on me. The surgeon’s ability to correct form and to mold the emotions of his patient inspired me to pursue a career in plastic surgery.”

To be sure, the challenges faced by his clients in Beverly Hills and beyond are somewhat different than the ones faced by the tots in Guatemala that inspired him, but Dr. Grewal’s approach to those challenges remains steadfastly focused on the best outcomes for his patients.

“At Rockstar Beauty, we provide concierge-level aesthetic medicine,” he explains.  “We offer the latest treatments, procedures, and technology to help our patients gain confidence and improve their self-image. We believe a procedure is just the start of the process of total self-improvement. We encourage our patients to protect that transformation by maintaining fitness and having a healthy body. In addition, our patients have access to our private network of health and beauty specialists. Contrary to popular belief, very few of my patients are seeking perfection. Most of them just want to achieve more natural results that make them feel beautiful.”


Are you ready to rock a new look?

And for the record, feeling beautiful, does not require “Extreme Makeover” level physical renovations according to Dr. Grewal.  Sometimes just a tweak or two will do.

“The new trends in plastic surgery include cheaper, faster, and less painful procedures to achieve desired results,” the good doctor explains. “Instruments have gotten smaller, which means incisions are smaller and heal faster. Similarly some new procedures don’t require any incisions.”

That said, if major surgery is required, rest assured that Dr. Grewal has the best and latest equipment and procedures at his disposal. Rockstar Beauty not only offers the state-of-the-art Vectra 3D imaging system so patients can immediately see an image of themselves as they will appear post surgery,  but Dr. Grewal was the first plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills with the REVENEZ 1 iPad consultation app which features informative procedure education videos, a surgeon’s sketchpad, and information about Rockstar Beauty.  Beyond that Dr. Grewal has developed signature Rockstar procedures that are unique to his practice.

“I have three trademarks procedures that help my patients create the self-confident image they want,” he offers. “The NaturalPlus Breast AugmentationSM, a combination implant and fat transfer augmentation that artfully uses a patient’s own fat to sculpt smoother transitions between their body and their breast implant. The Southern Breast LiftSM, a custom procedure to help women achieve that Southern “High and Tight” aesthetic no matter where they live. [And] finally, The SoCal FaceliftSM, a minimal scar technique with cutting-edge wound healing therapies and fat transfer volume restoration for natural-looking rejuvenation.”

With signature procedures, state-of-the-art technology,  a focus on client education and an approach to beauty based on each individual client rather than the “daily bombardment of the media’s unrealistic ideals” it is no wonder that Dr. Grewal can say with the confidence of a rock god that Rockstar Beauty genuinely helps its clients “own their self-image inside and out and make it rock.”

Find out more about Rockstar Beauty and Dr. Navanjun Grewal at www.rockstarbeauty.com