In Sonoma, a good story pairs really well with a great bottle of wine – two things with which Glen Ellen’s Lasseter Family Winery is no stranger.  Though the Lasseter’s story has been well chronicled, the rudiments of it bear repeating here.

More than two decades ago, John Lasseter, the movie mogul behind Pixar, and his formidable wife Nancy, moved to Sonoma County and in short order found themselves enthralled with the art of winemaking…as one does. After a brief stint as amateurs, the Lasseters took the leap and went full bore into the wine business in 2002 with the purchase of a historic Sonoma winery that is today the site of the very state-of-the-art Lasseter Family Winery.


Lasseter Family Winery’s signature offerings

The Lasseters’ penchant for all things French is evident in the wines that have become their signature. Crafted in Old World-style, using Bordeaux and Rhône varietals to create unique blends that are distinctly their own, Lasseter’s offerings include the 2011 Enjoué Rosé Blend, which recalls warm summer days in Provence, the ‘beloved’ 2010 Amoreux Malbec Red Blend, and the celebrated 2010 Chemin De Fer Rhone Style Blend, a singular wine that blends Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes.

That said, though their wines may nod heavily in the direction of France, the winery itself finds its sense of place in its surroundings on a picturesque 95-acre ranch in the heart of the Sonoma Valley. Refreshingly modern and exceptionally inviting, Lasseter Family Winery is pure Northern California chic seamlessly blending into the landscape of Sonoma while simultaneously standing out as one of its most dazzling new stars. It’s quite an accomplishment for a new kid on a block full of heavyweights, but this is no ordinary new kid…this is one to watch.

At the moment, Lasseter only offers tastings by appointment at a cost of $25 per person, but it is $25 well spent, if not for the beautiful way in which the wines are paired with a selection of local cheeses and other fare, then for the fact that one suspects that it won’t be long before the demand for these tastings will soon make them one of the hottest tickets in Sonoma County. After all when the buzz matches the quality of the product, the only way is up n’est ce pas?

To preview a visit to Lasseter Family Winery, go behind-the-scenes of their 2011 opening with the video below:

Find out more about Lasseter Winery at To join a Lasseter Family Winery Winemaker Dinner on Novembe3 13, 2013 click here.