Too popular to be a secret and too small to be overexposed, Glen Elen’s Gaige House is one of the many surprisingly deceptive gems tucked away in the bosom of Sonoma County. Now a part of the highly-regarded Four Sisters Inns Collection, Gaige House embodies all of the elegant flourishes that have become synonymous with the boutique hotel collection along with a few that its unassuming presence amid private residences along Arnold Drive might not readily suggest at first glance.


A suite at Gaige House

Behind an exterior that screams vintage country house lies an array of 23 guest rooms (13 of them suites) that blend contemporary design and Asian-inspired furnishings and décor in a secluded setting along the Calabaza Creek. Much more expansive than it appears from the street, Gaige House is a blissed out, Zen-filled oasis spilling over with thoughtful touches like a hammock shaded with ancient oaks, a miniature pagoda in a rock garden and a gurgling fountain.

Each time I’ve attempted to book in at Gaige House they have been at full occupancy, a fact that in and of itself speaks volumes about the hotel’s accommodations and their desirability. On my last visit, however, I did finally have the opportunity to tour a few of the rooms and suites and can now officially offer a testament to their grandeur and uniqueness. I’ve visited a lot of properties in Sonoma County and Gaige House is by far one of the most special. Small and personable, but luxurious in every way, Gaige House is perfect for either a romantic getaway or just an escape to an enchanted hideaway.

Gaige House Breakfast

Breakfast spread at Gaige House…

Of particular note at Gaige House is the Four Sisters Inns’ complimentary signature breakfast buffet which I sampled with great vigor on my visit. In the Inn’s intimate dining room, a magnificent spread featuring fresh baked goods –think Honey-Buttermilk Muffins, Blueberry Sour Cream Scones or Pumpkin Muffins — local cheeses and cured meats, smoked salmon and an entrée prepared by the innkeepers is laid out for guests each and every morning. Blueberry Pancakes, Artichoke Quiche or Grand Marnier French Toast are just a sampling of what you can expect to find at breakfast along with the usual suspects like cereals, fresh fruit, juices, tea and coffee. It is an excellent start to the day of exploring Sonoma County, pampering yourself at the property’s spa or simply lolling about the pool and hot tub at Gaige House.

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