Travelling may be a bit more tiresome than it once was, but there are also new travel accessories and apps aplenty to make the once-tedious aspects of travel much more palatable than they once were. Below are a few of my very favorites:


The Bellroy Travel Wallet

Keeping track of all your important documents while making your way through airports, TSA security checkpoints, customs and the like can be cumbersome. Where do put your ticket for the second leg of your flight? Did you remember to a pen for that customs form you’ll need to complete before landing in your final destination? How do you keep track of your passport?

All of those problems and more are resolved by the Bellroy Travel Wallet, which is absolutely genius. Designed with all of your travel documents in mind, the leather Bellroy Travel Wallet has a designated passport sleeve, a place for your tickets and boarding passes that will allow them to fold without creasing, a total of six slots for credit cards and other forms of identification (four of which are quick access), a micro travel pen with refills and a section that is suitable for currency from just about any part of the world. Best of all, the design of the wallet is slim and sleek, making it not only functional but fashionable as well.

See how it works in this video.

Forget your old-fashioned wallet. The Bellroy Travel Wallet is the best new accessory you knew you needed but didn’t know was available. Find out more about this wallet by clicking here or visiting

Hotel Tonight

If you’ve ever had an unfortunate layover, last-minute trip extension, arrived at a hotel that was not up to snuff or otherwise found yourself in need of accommodations at the spur of the moment, you know how difficult it can be to find a good hotel at the last minute at a great price. Well, enter HotelTonight to save the day. HotelTonight is an app that allows travelers to make same-day hotel reservations at significantly more competitive rates than on most popular travel sites. Follow it and you’ll find some pretty spectacular deals and rates, sometimes as much as 50 percent lower than published rates. And it’s easy to use. Download it just in case. After all, you never know when you might need a hotel room, right?

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ITB-WazeOkay, so you love your GPS, right? I get it. But does your GPS give you real-time information from other drivers on the road or let you know where there might be a police presence? I doubt it. Which is why Waze is such a great addition to the lives of those of us who have to spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel.

Essentially, Waze is a community-based GPS traffic and navigation app that allows you to join forces with other drivers in your area to improve your commute by avoiding traffic snafus.

Put in your destination and watch Waze direct you to where you’re trying to go, in the process automatically re-routing you when road conditions change based on input from your fellow drivers. It’s really pretty brilliant.

Believe me when I tell you that Waze is smarter than your average GPS. Try it and you’ll be amazed.

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