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Nowadays, traveling for pleasure is in and of itself becoming something of a luxury, but the fact remains that a great many folks are still setting off for destinations far and wide, and when they do, they often want to do it in grand style. So beyond giving the gift of travel this holiday season, the question becomes what gift to give the luxury traveler that they might not necessarily think of for themselves.  With that in mind, I have put together a little luxury guide for the holiday season with some extraordinary gift ideas for the luxury travelers on your shopping list this year.

Koss Striva Tap In-Ear Wireless Headphones
In my experience, a little music always makes life on the road more pleasurable. In fact, I like to think of the music that I listen to while traveling as the soundtrack to my trip. This season, Koss Striva Tap In-Ear Wireless Headphones offer the best and most portable way to enjoy music both in transit and at rest. No cords, no wires and, best of all, no bulky strap over your head. With built-in Wi-Fi receivers, these in-ear headphones give you three ways to listen to music. First, anywhere you have Wi-Fi access, you can stream thousands of free, high-quality internet stations from the internet directly to your Striva Tap headphones. Next, plug the included Content Access Point (CAP) into any smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player stereo output, and it will transmit the audio right to the headphones—wirelessly.  All that, and you can still use these handy dandy creations like standard headphones by plugging them into any stereo device using the included audio cable. $500;

Taschen 4 Cities
Even the most seasoned traveler can learn a thing or two about some of the most well-travelled destinations in the world and giving the gift of Taschen’s 4 Cities series guarantees that they will. This stylish, pocket-sized box set includes 12 volumes loaded with insider tips about the best hotels, restaurants and shops that Paris, New York, London and Berlin have to offer. $59.99;

Goyard Passport Cover
It may be true that all passports are made equal, but the same cannot be said of the way in which we carry them. A passport cover from the centuries-old house of Goyard not only says that its owner is a luxury traveler, but it reveals them to be a classically stylish one as well. $645;

Kudocase iPad Solar Charger
It’s green and it’s useful—that alone makes it a luxury. But the fact that the Kudocase iPad Solar Charger uses photovoltaic ink technology to convert indoor and outdoor light into usable energy that can charge your iPad for up to an average of 10 days is the real selling point. That you might need one less converter for a device when you’re on the road makes this super cool innovation worth its price and then some. $129.95;

Jumpjet Membership
Give the gift of an Upper Club Jumpjet membership this holiday season, and the recipient of your largesse will surely beam from ear to ear. And they should, because this is a membership that certainly has its fair share of privileges. Upper Club members can make up to 10 round-trip flights per year on a private jet, with a party of up to eight people. (Additional charges apply for additional passengers.) And what’s even better, members fly to and from small, executive terminals throughout the United States, so there’s no hassle with long waits in security lines, airport traffic during busy season or pesky delays.  $550 for the membership plus a $2,350 monthly fee;

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Until next time…be well…live Wells. Happy Holidays!