I think everyone should have a place outside of home that feels like home. For lack of a more original idea, I might call it a place where everyone knows your name. In another era, such a place might have been something along the lines of a gentleman’s club or even a country club but in these less formal times a good old-fashioned watering hole is what most of us are left with to fill the void. Now, in choosing said place, the obvious choice is a locale that not only speaks volumes about who you are and the way you like to live, but also feels as comfortable and cozy as your own living room (or at least what you envision your living room to look like). For me, that place is the new Sur Lounge in West Hollywood.


The lounge, which is owned by the utterly divine Lisa Vanderpump Todd and her husband Ken Todd, is actually an addition to Sur Restaurant which has been a West Hollywood staple for years. Like the neighboring restaurant, Sur Lounge evokes a sort of sexy, eclectic, romantic elegance. The back patio celebrates the joys of living in Los Angeles with its airy tropical atmosphere, the lighting is beyond flattering, the drinks are perfection (try the Strawberry Gimlet…it makes wrong right…trust me), the bartenders are delicious and the staff is not only helpful but knowledgeable. And better still Sur is actually a lounge rather than a poor excuse for one. The ambiance, the music and the whole vibe lend themselves to the very reason that lounges were created; to provide a backdrop where friends and friendly folks can meet up for a casual cocktail and nibble in a relaxed setting. Do a little business or do a little catching up with old friends. Sur Lounge lends itself to all of the above. Now…speaking of nibbles, did I mention the food?

Currently Sur is only serving a limited opening menu but some of the bites are outstandingly delish. Personal faves include the Goat Cheese Empanadas, the Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings, and the Roasted Chicken Salad.


I honestly love this place so much that I almost don’t want to share it. A dear girlfriend even hosted a little birthday soiree there for me just this past week. But with Miss Vanderpump herself promoting her latest masterpiece (as she bloody well should because she has excelled herself this time around) and every smart group in town clamoring to hold an event at the Lounge, it is all but certain the secret is out.

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