Here’s my thing…most people either travel for work or for pleasure. But no matter what the reason, is there ever any reason not to travel in style? I think not. (And if that surprises you, then you’ve clearly never read this blog).

Now…Anybody who knows me knows full well that I love a scarf and that I’ll tell anyone who will listen that scarves are, in my less than humble opinion, the penultimate fashion accessory for folks who travel. In fact, I think a few good scarves are the first items everyone should always pack, no matter what the season. After all, who looks bad in a scarf? It is one of the few universal items that work for everybody except the seriously style-challenged for whom there is little help to begin with.

DenisC Annapurna Scarf

That said, without further adieu….

Lovers of all things luxe, allow me to introduce you to Denis Colomb, one of the hottest names in luxury goods that you may have never heard of. A superior assortment of elegant cashmere blankets, throws, shawls, scarves and sweaters that are hand-woven in Nepal from the threads of the rarest goats in the Asian Highlands and then hand-spun by Nepalese women, the Denis Colomb Lifestyle collection has glitterati the world over buzzing for all the right reasons.

Not only are Denis Colomb scarves the kind of signature items that can take an ensemble from day to evening or add sparkle to a series of functional but boring all black travel ensembles, the collection’s cashmere throws and blankets can make a flight in coach chic or turn fellow first or business class passengers emerald green with envy.

Denis C Travel BlanketsA-list actress and style icon, Nicole Kidman is a fan of Denis Colomb’s chic cashmere scarves, which make the perfect accessory for chilly transatlantic flights. And so is diminutive fashionista Mary-Kate Olsen who has been snapped by the paparazzi casually sporting one of Colomb’s creations as an accoutrement to her Boho chic style. Even the legendary Rolling Stones ordered up a passel of the company’s downy soft cashmere travel blankets for their private plane.

And, just in case these celebrity endorsements are not enough to drive the opulent point home, legend also has it that after catching a glimpse of one of the Denis Colomb Lifestyle collection’s cashmere travel blankets on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles, one powerhouse Hollywood agent became so taken with the luxurious item that she demanded that she have it immediately…even though it was three years old at the time and the personal property of Mr. Denis Colomb himself.

Such is the fervor inspired by the sophisticated offerings that are the brainchild of the über creative duo of noted French architectural designer, Denis Colomb, and his wife, acclaimed photographer Erica Lennard, who together are the driving force behind the brand.

Speaking of fervor, you can feel enthusiastically warm and fuzzy inside about donning an item from Denis Colomb Lifestyle collection because this is a line that embodies that oh so scarce combination of luxury and social conscience. Rather than going to the garment district or to China, Denis and Erica made the conscious decision to produce their line in fair trade workshops in poverty-stricken Nepal.

In these workshops, Denis worked with factory owners to not only devise his own color palette and his own styles, but also to teach them about things like quality control in what is a growing process that provides untold benefits on a grassroots level. Bravo. Now I ask you…Is there anything better than style produced with heart?

Besides, like great accessories, if there’s one thing the world can do with more of, it’s fine cashmere accessories. I dare you to disagree.

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