Nickel Diner Window

This week I had quite the unexpected treat when I met one of my dearest friends for lunch in Downtown Los Angeles. Nowadays it seems that every interesting new gem I unearth in the City of Angels is downtown; a part of La La land that not so very long ago was among the least desirable areas of the city, but now seems well on its way to becoming an undeniable hot spot.

Leading the charge in this bold reinvention, is a group of chefs, restaurateurs and bar owners who have all taken up residence in  downtown LA and in the process helped turn it into a destination that now attracts Angelenos from every corner of the city. One particularly bright new star is Chef Monica May’s The Nickel Diner on Main Street.

Chef Monica May

In the heart of a district in transition, The Nickel Diner serves up comfort food with a twist in a lovingly restored space reminiscent of a 50’s style diner. Being a lover of all things pork, I couldn’t resist sampling the spicy pulled pork sandwich with homemade coleslaw and shoestring potatoes. Take it from this Southern boy, this sandwich was the real deal. The combination of slow roasted pork on a toasted bun drenched in vinegary homemade barbeque sauce was an experience that bordered on the transcendent.


That said, the star of lunch was The Nickel Diner’s signature Maple Glazed Bacon Donut. It’s everything you love about breakfast in one sticky, salty sweet, doughy treat. These donuts alone would make a trip down to the Nickel Diner worthwhile, but thankfully there’s even more on the menu to whet your appetite.


Not only does The Nickel Dinner serve breakfast all day (the Homemade Brioche French Toast is rumored to be out of this world),  but they also serve a number of Vegan dishes like Vegan Chili Cheese Fries and a Tofu scramble for those who don’t share my particular love of swine. And then there are the desserts which include everything from Homemade Pop Tarts and Smores Cake to Red Velvet Cake, Vegan Coconut Tapioca Pudding and Salt Peanut Butter Cake with potato chips. The bad news is that I was so enthralled with my Maple Glazed Bacon Donut that I didn’t get to sample any of the other desserts. But the good news is–I’ll definitely be back!


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MoxieQ Rating:  Yes Ma’am Yummy!