The United Nations of Underwear
by Duane Wells 

Not so very long ago, men’s underwear was a mere afterthought. In a fashion category dominated by names like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, undergarments were something one needed rather than something one wanted. In recent years, however, that dynamic has begun to change. Ever since Calvin Klein plastered billboards with images of “Marky” Mark Wahlberg wearing nothing more than a tight-fitting pair of white boxer briefs, a backwards baseball cap, and a smile, the world of men’s underwear has experienced a seismic shift as the industry exploded with new designer labels and lines. Today, an international cast of designers and entrepreneurs has entered this rapidly growing fashion segment, and in many cases, bringing with them a flavor and style that genuinely reflects not only the tastes of the designers themselves, but also of the destinations that have inspired them. This month, Passport introduces you to five of the hottest new underwear brands from around the world and the men behind them. Individually and collectively, this band of underwear kings is shaking up the fashion monde, one pair of skivvies at a time.
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